Top 5 Movie Set Designs of All Time

There is scarcely a person that doesn’t like going to the theater for a good movie. American’s and people all around the globe are entertained by the creative minds of movie makers and their undeniable talents. From the stars that line the casts to the unbelievable set designs, movies are a great part of history. Here are some of the best movie sets of all times.

Lord Of The Rings:

Many say the Lord of the Rings set the bar high when it comes to movie sets. The fantasy land they created was nothing short of a genius mastermind. The film was shot in New Zealand. This area is known for having breathtaking views, mountain ranges, rivers, plenty of lakes, green rolling hills, wilderness areas and numerous scenic landscapes. It is the perfect place for a fictional story such as this. Not only did they use one of the most beautiful places on earth to film, but their large $280 million budget did nothing but give them the resources to create bigger and better. [Read more...]

Our Favorite Film Directors of All Time

Film directors take different roles during the making of a movie, some remain hands on in all aspects of the production and others take a more collaborative approach to production. When considering the top role models amongst directors the choices are almost endless, with most directors enjoying periods of rich success and bitter failures.

Alfred HitchcockThe career of English film director Alfred Hitchcock stands as a signpost for reinvention and acceptance of modern trends in storytelling and movie making. Beginning his career as a director in 1922, Hitchcock won acclaim as a director in the UK before moving to Hollywood to create a career as one of the most acclaimed directors in film history. Always keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest trends, Hitchcock also risked his career with experimental techniques and storytelling phases. From the long takes of Rope through to destroying the crime drama genre in Psycho, Hitchcock is known for constant reinvention. [Read more...]

The Historical Role of Art in Cinema

For just over a century the cinema has played an important role in moving art into new directions, in the 21st century film has developed to be an important part of the art world. In the modern world, artists often transfer across different media, but in the early years of the cinema the idea of art cinema developed in Europe as an opposition to the mainstream movies of Hollywood.

Luis Bunuel and Film:

Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel is often seen as the father of surrealist cinema, largely because of the reputation he developed after filming his first short film in 1929. The 16 minute Un Chien Andalou was created with surrealist artist Salvador Dali, various images are shown that are based on the work of psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. Including the famous eye cutting scene, Un Chien Andalou has remained the standard for surrealist cinema almost 100 years after it was filmed.

[Read more...]

Top 10 Film Education Schools in the United States

There hundreds upon millions of dollars that are being invested in the film industry, and along with that there are tons of people that are striving to further their education with the knowledge of running the business; Someone has to do it, right? There are also many schools that offer education to people that are interested in making the film industry a life long career. In this article, you will learn about the top ten highest rated performing schools that educate people in the art of film in America.

1. USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Founded in 1929, this school is know for producing some America’s of the most talented students.

Famous Alumni

What Considerations Are Important When Picking A Film School?

For those who are planning to have a filmmaking career, it is important to get as much education as you can so that you launch your professional life on a firm foundation. Getting the best possible foundation starts with getting admitted to the right film school for you and then absorbing all that you can learn while there.

These are some of the major things that you need to keep in mind so that you narrow down the options before you and finally select the right film school that will meet your unique interests.

Are You Inspired By Any Of The Instructors There?
Filmmaking is an industry that heavily relies on passion so as you get started on your education you should pick an academy that has an instructor who has worked on a creation or project that you like.

This will drive your motivation to very high levels as you will want to know all that someone you admire knows. Remember, the admiration referred to here is not just about the looks of that instructor!

Does The Academy Have Positive Vibes?
You can easily tell whether the atmosphere in the school you wish to join is positive or not the moment you step on its grounds.

If your impression is that the students are a happy lot then you can go ahead and enroll. If they are not, you will have hard time thinking creatively with so much negative energy around so look elsewhere for a better option. Remember you can’t be creative in a place that stifles your spirit.

Is The Academy Well Equipped?
I heard of a film school where students would only get to use recording equipment if they went on a study tour. That is not a way to teach future filmmakers!

Make it a point to first establish how equipped the school you wish to join is. They should have most of the equipment used in the industry on a day to day basis so that you can get comfortable using it.

It is also important to get training on how to improvise when certain equipment is unavailable or breaks down since such occurrences are common in the real world.

What Scope Of Training Is Offered?
It is not advisable to go to a film school that teaches only some aspects of the industry and not others. You will be better prepared to work if you get training on aspects like editing, story lines, time management, working with actors, and so on.

This all-round education was first stressed to me by an industry legend years ago. We sat talking and he remembered how he botched up his first film because he did not know how to handle actors with huge egos since film school never hinted at such a problem occurring. The actor in question — who will remain nameless — had a big opinion of himself and had a facelift in Boston prior to the film. My friend didn’t know how to talk to him about the fact that the Boston plastic surgery results were a bit too obvious, and the whole situation blew up.

In Summary…
You should never pick a film school just because it is near you or was recommended to you. Have very clear points to base upon as you choose and you will have no regrets later on in your career.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Cast For Your Movie

There is one thing that can totally kill a potentially good movie and that thing is for a filmmaker to just rush over the process of selecting a cast for that project. The success of any movie greatly depends on the actors picked to star in it; after all, it is the actors who are bringing the script to life.

There are several factors that need to be kept in mind when the process of selecting actors is underway and these are some of them.

Take Your Time.
Nothing compromises quality more than doing things in a rush. To avoid making this mistake, one needs to begin casting when the script is still being worked upon so that as the final touches are put in, most of the actors have been selected and only minor roles are still left to be filled.
When you give yourself ample time to go over this process, you will have the luxury of considering several people for each role and then ultimately pick the one that is best suited to that role.

A word of caution here: depending on the movie, you should also consider the actor’s appearance as well as their skill to bring the script to life. An actress with obvious breast augmentation would not be a good choice for an historic movie, for example. You may also want an actor with some character instead of a flat, cookie-cutter appearance. I recently spoke with a director who told me about a promising actor he had to turn away. The young man’s face just wasn’t memorable, in part because he found out that the man had looked up Healthgrades reviews and received a Virginia Beach rhinoplasty a year before. He probably would have been better off leaving his slightly large nose as it was.

Your Search Should Be Systematic.
Before you can even start auditioning, you need to know what exactly you are looking for. This calls for having a structure to guide your search. You will for instance include criterion like having only serious actors starring in your film.

Protect Sensitive Information.
As you consider different actors for your project, you will inevitably give them access to parts of the script so that they can get a feel to determine how comfortable they are with the role you wish to give them.

That can cause some potential problems as details of your script can leak to third parties and compromise your project. In order to forestall this eventuality, you may have to be selective about the sections of the script that you give actors access to before shooting begins.

Alternatively, you may consider getting them to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) so that they are legally bound to avoid discussing your script with individuals that have nothing to do with the project.

This may be a bit awkward to do for friends as they may take offense that you can even think they can compromise the security of your project so you need to keep such sensitivities in mind as you go about protecting important script information. Find a way to balance the two interests.

Final Comments.
Always put a lot of thought into the process of selecting actors and look in all directions for great talent. You may be surprised by the quality of actors you can find at your local film school, all willing to work just for the experience. Remember, a movie will only be as good as the actors that perform in it so be thorough when choosing your actors.

5 Most Well-Known Nose Jobs In Hollywood

In the world of celebrities there seems to be an unspoken rule that one is only as good as their appearance. That may explain why so many stars have undergone plastic surgery. Many will deny it, but there are those that come out openly and own up to going under the knife. In this article, we will look at some well-known celebrities who have had a nose job.

Michael Jackson.
This megastar took “bad” to a whole new level. It seems, in his eyes, that his physical appearance was “bad,” so he tinkered with his looks more times than anyone can count. From his skin color to facial adjustments, nothing was spared. However, he only admitted to two nose jobs, yet observers are convinced there were many more rhinoplasty jobs performed.

Dianna Agron.
This actress spilled the beans that she had cosmetic nose surgery after breaking her nose twice to some incidents of clumsiness. One, she was the unfortunate recipient of a fist meant for someone else in high school and the other reason her nose broke was because she bumped into someone else while they were dancing. And that was why she needed to get a nose job, and she did. It is all fixed now, she gloats.

Does she need any introduction? This “material girl” has seen it all, done it all. Although she has not officially admitted it, it is very clear to all that she has lived up to her “material girl” persona and tinkered with her appearance. Her nose clearly had some skilled hands improving its appearance and since she is not complaining, who are we to?

Ashlee Simpson.
Although she did not come clean and say she went under the knife, she intimated that plastic surgery is something that one must think about for a really long time. As for her own nose, she said that since everyone had two eyes, they should use them and get their own answer. Isn’t that a clever way of saying she is not telling but will not hold it against you if you already know the answer but want her confirmation? The writing is on the wall so put two and two together.

Bruce Jenner.
The step-father of Kim Kardashian also had a nose job several decades ago. This came out on the website of Kim Kardashian when she wrote that her step-dad was apparently given wrong advice by a doctor to have a facelift and nose job.

This announcement was not shocking as the man himself had allowed a media house to document his corrective surgery to repair what had been done in the 1980s.

Final Comments.
Today, it hardly seems like a big deal to learn about celebrities going under the knife for procedures of all types. In fact, the growing popularity of rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures among stars is making it more socially acceptable for average citizens to get the same work done. It wasn’t long ago that housewives stayed at home for weeks following a facelift or other procedure for fear of their friends and neighbors finding out. Now, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.

I can only caution that you should be careful about getting work done if you plan to go into the industry yourself. As acceptable as it may seem now, it’s still not something celebrities like to admit, and casting directors have been making a point of turning away actors who appear too overdone. The procedure also has risks that you should consider. Getting a nose job isn’t like getting a new dress; it’s permanent, and not all surgeons are equal.

Just last week I counseled a girl trying to make her break after getting revision rhinoplasty (like this procedure: from Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery. The poor girl had a bad nose job done by another doctor and her acting career has been set back months as she recovers from yet another operation to correct the damage.

Celebrity Hair Transplants: Who’s Had it Done?

Most men are not happy to just let their hair go when they get older, and this is especially true among actors. An otherwise young-looking actor who develops a receding hairline or a balding top can quickly get relegated to the role of “dad,” or worse, “grandpa.” More male celebrities are now turning to hair transplants to save their career.

1. Elton John
Elton John made headlines when he got sick of toupees and wigs and opted for hair transplant surgery. Elton’s hair was already thin in the 70′s, and there was no way for the superstar to hide it when he became one of the first celebrities to get a hair transplant. He is also one of the few who freely admits it, and why shouldn’t he? He looks wonderful.

2. Jeremy Piven
In 2013, Piven underwent strand-by-strand hair transplant that cost more than $12,000 to reverse hair loss that started when he was in his 20s. In the past, Piven was seen as no more than a comedic supporting actor on Seinfeld and Ellen, and he was known for his balding head. This changed when he rose to fame as Ari Gold on Entourage and won a Golden Globe. Now his career is turning to more serious roles, and he’s transformed his appearance to prepare for this.

While he denies having surgery, he was spotted with a large scar on the back of his neck, which he claimed was done to conceal an old scar from an injury. Dr. Kabaker of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplantation, known as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in San Francisco who also specializes in hair transplantation, along with several other prominent cosmetic surgeons, who have not worked on Piven, say it’s indicative of the strip method hair transplant, in which hair is cut out and transplanted to the thinning areas.

3. A.J. McLean
Former Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean has had probably the most dramatic transformation. McLean lost most of his hair since his days as a teen heartthrob, and he’s said in interviews that he always wore hats during his time with the Backstreet Boys because of his thinning hair. He was so happy with the results of his hair transplant that he posted the pictures on Instagram, showing a dramatic change from a man with obvious male pattern baldness to a guy with a full head of hair.

4. Matthew McConaughey
You don’t get to be People’s Sexiest Man Alive with a receding hairline. McConaughey is rumored to have received a hair transplant before he won his title in 2005, as pictures before this show a clear receding hairline. For the record, he claims he never had surgery but instead used Regenix, a hair growth treatment he says he began using in 1999 when his hair started falling out. It’s hard to believe this natural hair loss treatment could have given him such great results, though, especially given its bad reviews online.

These are just four examples of how hair transplantation has helped some big names in the entertainment industry hold onto the careers and even thrive, finding new roles and holding off on the “old man” roles for at least a few more years.

Celebrities Who Got Great Facelifts

We hear a lot about celebrities who have received botched plastic surgery. Still, there are many more who have had work done very well. The secret? Moderate tweaks, rather than a laundry list of procedures. This list goes over some famous stars who have had facelift procedures with great results. If you look at stars who haven’t had such great luck with the procedure, you’ll find that most waited too long to get the work done, or went overboard with a bunch of other procedures done at the same time.

1. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is only 33, so she really doesn’t need a facelift. What she did do recently is a procedure known as a vampire facelift. The procedure draws blood from the patient and separates the platelets into platelet-rich plasma, which is then combined with a facial filler and re-injected into the face to boost collagen production. The procedure is so popular in Hollywood that gift certificates for it were given in Academy Awards swag bags.

2. Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin has had a long list of procedures done, among them a facelift and a browlift. While she said in 2008 that the work didn’t make her happier or look much younger, she’s since changed her tune. Now in 2014, she does look great for her age and she exudes confidence, which is very important in the entertainment industry.

3. Roseanne Barr
Roseanne has also had a lot of work done. In 2003, she said she had a nose job, tummy tuck, breast reduction and facelift. While she’s no stranger to cosmetic work, she’s also not afraid to show her true face, which is a rarity in the entertainment business. In 2012, the 60-year-old comedian posted an unflattering photo of herself on Twitter. Despite her love-hate relationship with surgery, she certainly looks great these days.

4. Michael Douglas
This 69-year-old actor certainly doesn’t look his age. He also shows exactly what a good facelift can do: it’s kept him looking firm and handsome, but it has not ironed out his charismatic wrinkles. This subtle procedure gave him a more natural look that’s perfect for an aging icon.

5. Kris Jenner
Not all of Kris Jenner’s plastic surgery was a good idea, and she definitely looks overdone these days. Still, the facelift she got several years ago was a good choice and addressed loose skin around her nose and mouth without making her appear over-drawn.

When actors and actresses turn to me for career advice, many ask me if I think they should get cosmetic surgery. The honest answer? Probably not, but sometimes it’s a good idea. Remember that there are tons of big stars with imperfections, but it’s their acting that makes them a household name. Lip augmentation, cheek implants or fillers, and especially large breast implants are just overkill, and will likely do your career serious harm.

Facelifts can be a good option for aging actors and actresses, as long as they don’t wait to long or expect miracles. I recently recommended a 45-year-old aspiring actress go ahead with her plan to get facelift plastic surgery in Minneapolis by Dr. Peter A. Hilger MD prior to moving to L.A. It worked out for her, because her doctor gave her subtle yet noticeable results. If you do go ahead with surgery, make sure it’s not going to be over-the-top.

5 Ways to Kill Your Acting Career

There are many ways to watch your career go down the drain. While not every actor who falls into one of these categories will lose their career, many do, and it’s worth understanding the risks going in.

1. A Single Bad Movie
Even big stars have watched their careers down down in flames after choosing to act in one really bad movie. Sometimes a movie is so bad, it just sucks everyone down with it. A good example is Mike Myers’ career after doing The Love Guru. The movie was almost a parody of his previously enjoyable movies, but it was so bad that it just seemed desperate.

If you’re still trying to make it big, it can be tempting to take any work that’s thrown at you, but be careful. You don’t want to be associated with a really movie. Even if your acting was great, there’s no overcoming bad writing, and it will rub off on your performance.

2. Skipping Auditions
This one always surprises me, but it’s still a very common problem in the industry. Many casting directors today are forced to overbook sessions because up to 25% of people called for an audition don’t even show up. Your job as an actor is to find work, which means you need to be willing to audition and stay available. An acting career is a big commitment with a lot of competition. If you want to make a career out of if it instead of taking the few odd jobs you can grab, be available and show up.

3. Lacking Confidence
I guarantee that going on auditions and casting calls without confidence will not land you the gig. A lot of actors move to Hollywood because they have dysfunctional families or troubles and believe that getting famous will give them the love and attention they need. A lot of actors simply don’t have confidence in their abilities or their appearance, and it shows. You need to give yourself a break and remember that other people are not thinking anything negative about you.

4. Failing to Socialize and Make Connections
There’s only so much you will learn by reading acting blogs and books. The entertainment industry is all about who you know, and Los Angeles can be very lonely if you isolate yourself. Make an effort to get out and rub elbows during your free tie. Embrace the social scene because the people you meet will likely be the ones you want to work with.

5. Getting Plastic Surgery
There is one thing every casting director hates: a bunch of actresses showing up who all look the same. Too many young women go overboard to get an acting career by getting breast implants, lip augmentation and other procedures that makes them look fake and overdone. This definitely won’t help you. You don’t need to look “perfect” to be successful.

There are very few situations in which plastic surgery or cosmetic work will help you. Cosmetic dentistry can be a big help by correcting bad teeth. In some cases, facial plastic surgery can help — but only if it is done with a light touch. If it looks like you had work done, you’re going to have trouble getting work. I know a 40-something woman who decided to get into acting and had a face lift in Washington DC by Dr. Philip S. Schoenfeld M.D., F.A.C.S. The results were such that she looked younger without having apparent work done, but I have also seen the opposite happen. Just be careful if you do decide to get any work done, and talk to your agent first!

Oral Surgery and Dental Work: A Worthwhile Expense for any Actor

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not plastic surgery is beneficial for an aspiring actor. Personally, I think it’s a toss-up, as many casting directors are not specifically requesting actors who have had work not bother showing up. Still, it can be worthwhile if it’s not over-the-top and maintains your unique features.

There is one type of surgery, however, that is virtually always worthwhile for anyone considering an acting career, and that’s oral surgery and/or dental work.

How Important are Good Teeth in Acting?
You’ve probably noticed that most famous actors and actresses have great teeth. This doesn’t mean they had great teeth when they got their break, though. The decision to get dental implants and other procedures like you see here depends on the roles you plan to go after.

If you’re tall, attractive and in good shape, you may be able to one day compete for leading roles. In this case, you will want to get your teeth fixed eventually. There are many cases in which having bad teeth can actually help you, though, depending on the role.

Don’t forget that acting is both talent and appearance. People will be looking at your teeth, regardless of the roles you go after. Considering just how competitive the industry is, it doesn’t hurt to at least get some work done, whether it’s teeth whitening, dental implants or even a sliding genioplasty. If you have a weak or very prominent chin, this type of oral surgery can improve your appearance as well. I know of one actor who had this procedure done by a NYC oral surgeon prior to landing a role.

Celebrities Who Have “Bad” Teeth
It’s definitely commonplace to see big-name celebrities with fake teeth or teeth that have been bleached or otherwise corrected. Still, there are many celebrities who embrace their natural appearance.
Anna Paquin, the star of HBO’s True Blood, is known for her warm smile with the gap in her front teeth.
Madonna also has a small gap in her front teeth and has not overdone bleaching.
Kirsten Dunst has what she calls “snaggle fangs.”
Woody Harrelson also has a slight gap in his front teeth.
Steve Buscemi has very distinctive teeth that are definitely considered an asset in his acting career.

Steve Buscemi is a good example of how bad teeth can work for your career — and how it depends on the type of roles you want. Another example? Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis, who played the geeky Neville Longbottom in all eight movies. Lewis was recognizable for his crooked teeth but he was under contract to not correct his teeth through cosmetic dentistry. He had his teeth fixed immediately after the completion of the last movie and admitted he hated going so long without fixing his teeth. He also had to wear a fat suit for the movie because the studio bosses wanted him to look geekier. Today, he’s almost unrecognizable as a slim, tall, handsome man with a beautiful smile.

Should You Get Dental Work?
If your teeth or even your chin bothers you, and you think it will hold you back from getting the roles you want, these types of procedures can be a good investment, unlike many cosmetic procedures that often hinder success.

When Is It Wise To Skip Film School?

Everyone who desires to make it in the film industry dreams of joining one of the prestigious film schools that they know in order to get grounding in the basics as well as get some valuable contacts that will help them later on.

Did you know that in certain circumstances it is actually okay to forego attending film school, with minimal damage to your chances in the industry?

The following pointers will help you see why you should not think the world has ended when you are not accepted at the film school of your choice.

Blunting Creativity.
Film school teaches people how to make a “good” film and the result is that all graduates come out knowing just that way. They are reluctant to try other methods and this has the effect of stifling creativity since people keep to the “tried and tested” way.

The person who skips film school is free from such restrictions and consequently their imagination is given free rein to try as many different approaches as possible. It is such experimentation that results in fresh methodologies being born and bringing a breath of fresh air into the industry.

This certainly isn’t true with most industries, though. Some fields, even those with a great deal of creativity, like cosmetic surgery, require learning the proper way to do things — and there is only one right way. A medical student learning how to perform neck lift surgery in Fairfax, VA can’t come up with their own way to do it; they must have this formal, strict education. When you inquire about liposuction cost in Virginia, the cost of this education is built into the pricing. In filmmaking, this is completely irrelevant, and thus skipping film school does not prohibit you from being successful and finding your own voice and style.

Prohibitive Costs.
Attending film school requires heavy funding and many people are in a situation that makes it impossible for them to afford the cost of the film school into which they are accepted.

For such people, it is not a matter of choice; their limited funds compel them to skip film school and look for other ways to get the education they need. Even without school, it is possible to be a resounding success but one needs to work really hard since they are starting out from a point of disadvantage.

Prospective film school students should therefore not skip applying just because they think they cannot afford the fees charged. You may just get surprised to realize it is within your budget.

Invaluable Resources On The Internet.
Today, information on practically anything can be found on the internet. It is therefore not suicidal to skip film school since you can educate yourself online using the free resources that are available there.

The trick here lies in covering all aspects of the industry rather than focusing on just one aspect and then thinking that you now know all you need to know.

Final Thoughts.
Much as it is crucial to attend film school, skipping it may not necessarily mean that you can kiss a film career goodbye. It is still possible to get all the knowledge school would have given you and when you put that knowledge into practice, it will not matter whether or not you attended film school. In the real world it is results that count.

Famous Hollywood Examples of Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery

An increasing number of women are raising the statistic of breast augmentation procedures. For any number of reasons, women all over the world are opting to undergo a variation of breast augmentation surgery similar to this procedure: This begs the question as to who has had breast augmentation in the world of “who’s who.” It is difficult to know and difficult tell in most cases unless they are forthcoming about it.

Before we dive into some of the famous faces of breast augmentation surgery we should look at the reasons behind the surgery. The first is most popular, and that is simply the cosmetic appeal. Women who are unhappy that their breast size is either too large or too small may seek a reduction and lift that will ease strain on the body, reshape their breasts to their personal preference, and improve their self-esteem. Others elect surgery for the sole purpose of increasing the size and therefore the shape of their breasts.

Another reason some may choose surgery is if there has been significant or extreme weight loss which has resulted in a less than satisfying appearance of the breast that the woman does not feel matches her new found health and vitality. I spoke with Dr. Steinbrech, who said that a growing number of women are also opting for cosmetic surgery to restore their body after having children. You can learn more about this physician by viewing these Dr Steinbrech Vitals reviews, many of which give reasons why patients have undergone surgery.

And so now we can take a look at some of the women who are famous who have had the bravery to take the step into breast augmentation surgery to improve their bodies and increase their self-esteem.

Sarah Jessica Parker is the first at the top of our list. This silver screen A-lister appears to have obtained a 1-2 cup size increase, among other procedures such as a rhinoplasty and mole removal.

Nicole Kidman is another beautiful woman who seems to have had this surgery as well. As far back as the earlier 2000′s, we can see the transformation in films such as Moulin Rouge in which she debuted as a much more voluptuous figure when compared against her previously and regularly more flat chested appearances. As time continued on we see it wasn’t just a feat of excellent makeup and wardrobe, but rather a permanent procedure as she maintained her beautiful results in private as witnessed by photographs, as well as by public appearance.

Salma Hayek also comes to mind. This swarthy bombshell has always had a curvaceous form that makes women envious and men desirous, but not too long ago she appeared on the scene with increased curves. Her natural beauty and natural assets were noticeably amplified and exemplified, which is curious for a woman who had such engaging beauty and body beforehand, already seeming to have it all. Thankfully, whatever work was done, it looks simply amazing. Her work looks natural and matches her shape and form appropriately.

Victoria Beckham is another notable example of breast augmentation surgery. Her fame has spread across decades, moving from a high powered career in music and some in film to her now dedicated focus as a mother, designer, and wife to British athlete David Beckham. Known for her panache and grace, her slim figure appeared exceptionally more feminine. Her transformation began in 1999, during which time she made a drastic increase from an A cup to a D cup.

Should You, Or Shouldn’t You Write The Movie Script Yourself?

Everyone in the filmmaking industry has at one time or other faced the dilemma of writing a script themselves or having someone else do it. Which is the right way to handle such a situation should it arise?

There are many factors that play a role in deciding which way to go and the following are some of them.

What Is Your Budget?
When a filmmaker has a sizable budget, there is no need to write the script him or herself. All they need to do is to find a suitable writer that they feel will give them the kind of script needed and then contract them to do the job.

On the other hand when you are working with a very limited budget, it may be unwise to devote precious dollars to the hefty charges levied by premium writers. In such a case, the wisest move may be to write the script yourself so that you can free up some valuable dollars to cater for the other requirements of the project.

What Other Tasks Are You Performing?
This may be related to budgetary matters as discussed above. When you have a big budget, you can afford to hire someone to handle matters of costumes, another to look into issues of locations, etc.

In such a case, whether you write the script or not will simply be a matter of personal preference but if you are juggling several roles, you may not have the time or energy to write the script yourself. In most cases, script writing involves more than just sitting at your desk and getting creative. There is usually a lot of research that goes into writing a believable script, and you may need to spend a lot of time doing interviews.

For example, a friend in the industry living in Michigan is working on a movie script in which a women gets cosmetic surgery. To make the scene believable, he had to interview several cosmetic surgeons, including this Detroit plastic surgeon. He has even arranged to be there next week as Dr. Masri performs Detroit facelift surgery so he can get the details right in the script.

Consider the amount of time that research and writing will take up. If you’re too busy with other tasks, you will need help or else the quality of the script will be compromised by insufficient attention given to it.

Can You Enter Non-Cash Writing Arrangements?
If you are creative enough, it is possible to get someone who is just starting out as a writer and then give them the opportunity to write for you as a way of getting experience.
Such a person may be happy to just get credits to his or her name so that they can find paid work later on.

Alternatively, you can get a writer to work on the script in an arrangement where you promise them a percentage of the revenues that the film generates once it is out.
In the movie industry, it is easy to get into an arrangement where someone renders service and then gets paid once revenues start flowing in. Cash is not a prerequisite for work to be done.

Final Thoughts.
The decision to write or not write a script yourself should not be taken lightly as it can have serious implications on the way the movie turns out. The factors presented above can help you in thinking through this situation should you ever find yourself in such a position. Be sure to decide wisely!